GET Coin

We plan on selling U Get V products in the global market using CMC-cultured cambial meristematic cells extracted from taxus cuspidata. We also plan on activating a fully-fledged utility coin system that uses blockchain cryptocurrency for distribution purposes.

What is U get V

Main material production technology

Certain plants contain active substances that have an excellent efficacy for preventing or curing disease. These substances also have excellent anti-aging and oxidation properties. CMC platform technology is the only one of its kind that can standardize and mass-produce those incredible active substances.

The demonstration and mechanism of this technology is what led it to be selected and published as the cover paper in Nature Biotechnology, the world’s leading academic journal. CMC platform technology was developed through joint research that was conducted between a renowned botanist in the Republic of Korea and the University of Edinburgh in the UK.

The raw materials made with this special and unique technology are the only ones that are used in U GET V cosmetic products.

technology overview

U get V commodity technology

Wild ginseng CMCs and taxus cuspidata CMCs are the reason why U GET V products are better than the rest and show a clear fat reduction effect.

The inhibitory effect of RGs
on adipocyte formation.
Blood fat reduction
effect of RGs.
The inhibitory effect of RGs
on hepatocellular fat.
The effect of increasing the TG
and TC metabolism of wild ginseng CMCs.
The effect of increasing collagen biosynthesis
of taxus cuspidata extract.
Elastase inhibitory effect
of taxus cuspidata extract.

GEC Blockchain

Data produced by GEC is stored and managed in a distributed storage system called IPFS (InterPlanetary File System).IPFS is an encrypted blockchain-based database that distributes and stores blockchain files. Data stored in IPFS is encrypted and reliable, which means it can be shared with selected users. Users can encrypt data using their own asymmetric encryption codes and store the encrypted data in IPFS. Users who wish to share data with others are given the right to encrypt data with a public key. Users are also given the right to share data by providing other users with a private key. Unauthorized users cannot access or decrypt files that have been encrypted. This makes it possible to protect and secure the sensitive personal information of users.


Intellectual Property

We have built a strong patent portfolio by strategically filing and registering 88 patents including material patents, method patents, and usage patents.

We were selected for the IP-R&D strategic support project hosted by the Korean Intellectual Property Office for the high-tech parts and materials industry in 2014. This gave us the opportunity to establish an R&D strategy and IP revenue generation model.

Received the Grand Prize (Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy Award) in the IP Star Enterprise category at the 2013 Small and Medium Business IP Management Contest hosted by the Korean Intellectual Property Office.

Patent application and registration status of CMC platform technology (as of July 2017).
Korean Patent 15 registrations 4 applications
Oversea Patent 49 registrations 20 applications
Total 64 registrations 24 applications


Token Distribution

● Coin Name : Get Emotion Technology Coin

● Total Issuance : 5,000,000,000 GET



GEC is utilizing blockchain technology to lower the barriers to entry so that potential global affiliates can join the DSTC organization. The more affiliates there are, the more positive the impact.


Q1·Conduct coin issuance and prepare to be listed.


Q2·Become listed on the global exchange.


Q3·Become listed on the KRW exchange.